5 Nov 2007

Sealing northern Cook Islands runways will help reduce airfares

4:20 pm on 5 November 2007

The Mayor of Manihiki in the Cook Islands northern group says sealing the airport runways in their region will reduce air fares dramatically.

Kora Kora was commenting on the 69 percent fare increase imposed by Air Rarotonga to the northern group, 700 kilometres away.

The increase has seen the airfares rise from 880 US dollars to 15-hundred one way.

But Mr Kora says there are plans to fly the SAAB which has more seating to Manihiki in the next 24-months which would reduce the fares significantly.

"If we seal the airports now and get the government in aid to seal the airports, we'll get the SAAB up there as a return airfare of 960 (nz) so that is a positive move towards the government to come and aid to seal our northern group airports."