8 Nov 2007

Fiji DPP opposes bail for suspects in alleged plot

2:51 pm on 8 November 2007

Fiji's director of public prosecutions has opposed bail for the 11 men currently held in custody on charges of inciting mutiny and conspiracy to murder.

Radio Legend reports that the prosecuting lawyer, Wilisoni Kurisaqila, presented affidavits from the deputy army commander, Col Samuela Saumatua, and superintendent of police, Tevita Lesu, to oppose bail.

The prosecutor highlighted that they strongly oppose bail based on the two affidavits.

In his affidavit, Col Saumatua said that the 11 accused have been identified as credible threats and that the threat they pose to national security is very high.

Superintendent Lesu stressed in his affidavit that due the seriousness of the offence, disclosures of evidence could not be made at this time as they could jeopardise the investigations.

He also said as the search for weapons is continuing, the release of the accused could reduce the chances of recovering the arms.

Both Col Saumatua and SP Lesu say that if released, the accused could try and execute the assassination plan and accomplish their mission.

Defence lawyers claimed that both affidavits are speculative, full of allegations and only the opinions of the two officers.

Magistrate John Semisi will hand down his bail ruling this afternoon.