23 Nov 2007

Solomons' Prime Minister told he is wasting everyone's time prime by not calling Parliament to solve

3:33 pm on 23 November 2007

The leader of the Solomon Islands opposition says the Prime Minister is wasting everyone's time by not calling parliament to resolve the political crisis.

Fred Fono says the government's legal action over the impasse is a desperate attempt to stop parliament meeting.

Attorney General Julian Moti is seeking High Court clarifications on constitutional provisions that would allow the Governor General to intervene in the stalemate.

Mr Fono, who along with the Governor-General has been named as defendant in the Court action, says only parliament can resolve the impasse and must be allowed to meet.

"This also demonstrates an admission by the Prime Minister that he cannot face the full parliament because he no longer enjoys the parliamentary majority as he claims daily. It is arrogant of the Prime Minister to pretend that he has the majority support when in fact he doesn't. They are wasting their time and the time of the nation."

Fred Fono.

Meanwhile, the Governor General is requesting that the Prime Minister set a new date and time for Parliament to meet.