29 Nov 2007

Hopes that clean water will be restored to Popondetta this afternoon

4:02 pm on 29 November 2007

Aid workers in Papua New Guinea's flood stricken Oro Province hope to have restored a clean water supply to the main town, Popondetta, by this afternoon.

164 people have been confirmed dead, and dozens of others are still unaccounted for, after floods engulfed Oro province two weeks ago.

A police spokesperson, David Terry, says aid workers are working hard to ensure all Popondetta residents have access to clean water.

"For the residents of Popondetta town and particular the hospital, what they are trying to do, they are trying to install a water pump and water storage tanks to resupply the town. So hopefully we should have the water up and running by this afternoon or tomorrow."

David Terry says water purification tablets are being distributed to rural areas to ensure clean drinking water for the people there.

Since Monday tonnes of food, bottled water, medicine and tarpaulins have been delivered around the province, mainly by Australian Army helicopters.