20 Dec 2007

New Solomons leader spells out support for RAMSI

8:13 pm on 20 December 2007

The new Solomon Islands Government is promising a markedly different approach to the abrasive style of the administration of Manasseh Sogavare.

Dr Derek Sikua, who only became an MP last year and had been Education Minister until a month ago, is the new Prime Minister - the country's fourth in less than two years.

He got the support of two thirds of MPs when Parliament met this morning.

The Cabinet line up is to be named this weekend and one person expected to play a key role is former Leader of the Opposition, Fred Fono.

He says Dr Sikua's leadership style will be more inclusive.

"Our Prime Minister, we are quite confident, he will consult more with the party leaders and the members of his Cabinet, and at the same time our policies will be different on key issues such as RAMSI, the gun issue, and even the Attorney General Moti."

Fred Fono.

Dr Sikua told local media that the Regional Assistance Mission is important to Solomon Islands because it provides security, development of the police service and the strengthening of the capacity of government institutions.

We will provide leadership that will work closely with RAMSI, in order to achieve clearly stated and agreed objectives for the long term beneift of Solomon Islands. We will be guided by the Facilitation Act and enter into close dialogue over the issues that require better understanding and resolution.