27 Dec 2007

Reports of further paycuts for Fiji public servants dismissed

2:15 pm on 27 December 2007

The secretary of the Public Servants Association in Fiji, Rajeshwar Singh, says he believes reports the interim Government is considering more paycuts for public workers are wrong.

The interim Government cut wages by five percent nearly a year ago but this prompted widespread strike action and an agreement that the cuts would be incrementally restored.

Fiji media are now reporting that the Interim Minister for Public Service, Poseci Bune, is saying they are exploring the possibility of another pay cut as a cost cutting measure.

But Mr Singh says the reports are a storm in a teacup.

"As far as I know there is no substance to it. And we were promised in the last paycut that there would be no more paycut. And it is a call of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Finance has said nothing."