6 Feb 2008

French Polynesia's ruling party relaunches newspaper as elections loom

5:16 pm on 6 February 2008

French Polynesia's ruling Union For Democracy has re-launched the weekly To'ere newspaper just days before the second round of the territorial election.

The paper had been shut down more than a year ago but 20,000 free copies were put into circulation this week.

An assembly member, Sabrina Birk, says the party views Tahiti's two French-owned daily newspapers as not giving the party proper coverage.

"They do not give all points of view which is more into explaining why we want to get out of the French constitution because, let's say, we are still in the French constitution, we are not allowed to speak our own language."

Sabrina Birk says her party's push for independence is also aimed at introducing laws on land tenure and to back moves to introduce income tax as away of closing the gap between rich and poor.