14 Feb 2008

PNG police chief sets up new unit to investigate alleged crimes committed by police

4:47 pm on 14 February 2008

The Papua New Guinea police commissioner, Gari Baki, intends to set up a special police unit dedicated to investigating and prosecuting officers committing crime.

Commissioner Baki says it is vital the force does not lose the goodwill of the public.

He says he believes it is just a handful of the officers in the force who are committing crimes.

Commissioner Baki, who has previously promised to crack down strongly on officers involved in domestic violence, says allegations that police were behind a series of armed robberies, prompted him to set up the unit.

"There are reports and intelligence has indicated that police are involved, although there are no firm, you could say, identity of people involved. That is public information that is going around. But when you have a constabulary that is not accountable very much to the people supposed to be working for it and the resources that are supposed to issued to personnel, then you can expect this kind of thing to happen, particularly in Port Moresby city."