19 Feb 2008

Cooks Mini Games boss unhappy with progress

4:19 pm on 19 February 2008

The man in charge of the Pacific Mini Games in the Cook Islands says he is frustrated by the lack of consultation with him, and the sportspeople of the country.

The Government has formally signed an application for a US$10 million loan to cover the cost of building a stadium for the games, due to be held in 18 months time.

But David Lobb says a lot of work that was done to put together a brief to give a suitable facility for the upcoming events, and to build a legacy for the country's sportspeople.

He says that's been ignored.

"The current negotiations have largely ignored that, involved only real consultation, with the Chinese, and the result of that is a building that is quite small and doesn't contain a lot of the very minimum requirements."

David Lobb says the building is not only too small, but it has no permanent seating or storage and is unlikely to be able to be used by other sports after the games.