20 Mar 2008

Part Samoan New Zealand cricketer hoping to get more Pacific players into cricket

10:58 am on 20 March 2008

The New Zealand cricketer Ross Taylor is hoping to get more Pacific youth playing the sport.

Taylor whose heading into the third test against England in Napier on Saturday has also secured a lucrative contract with the Indian League and will play for Bangalore this summer.

However, he says the perception that Pacific people don't play cricket because it requires concentration is rubbish, and he's looking to change that.

"And hopefully with me being in the side, I can change that perception that's been put on Polynesian people, but saying that I think Samoans and Pacific Island people haven't really been given the opportunity or haven't really taken up cricket so to speak I'm sure over the years it'll become more and more Polynesian people start playing."