20 Mar 2008

Fiji judges told not to take path of Burma and Zimbabwe

4:34 pm on 20 March 2008

The judges in the case determining the legality of Fiji's military coup have been warned not to take Fiji down the same road as Pakistan, Burma, and Zimbabwe.

The Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's lawyer, Nye Perram, made the submission during the final day of the challenge in the Suva High Court.

He told the court Mr Qarase is still the Prime Minister and what happened on December the 5th 2006 was unlawful.

Our correspondent Matelita Ragogo says Mr Perram began his closing by saying the Government's lawyers had misled the court with their submissions because they don't back up the arguments.

"He told the court in its deliberations the rule of law must be paramount. Because they have a choice of taking the country down the road that Pakistan, Burma and Zimbabwe have gone or take the difficult road, and that is to resolve issues because for both sides there are rights and wrongs."

The panel of judges has reserved its decision