1 Apr 2008

Former Fiji military chief says People's Charter is a military prescription for future govts

11:21 am on 1 April 2008


A former Fiji military chief-of-staff says the People's Charter is a military prescription for future governments, similar to a list of demands the military presented after the 1987 coup.

Colonel Isikia Savua, who was appointed Police Commissioner by 1987 coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka, said the list was given to the late Fiji statesman Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara.

He told Fiji Live that in 1987 it had a list of those things which it gave to Ratu Mara and asked him to follow.

He said Ratu Mara refused to adhere and instead said he would not be shackled by this list.

Colonel Savua says that was their list.

He says the charter being developed by the current military-led regime is similar to our list.

While, the interim Government has tried to involve all sectors of the community in compiling the charter, Colonel Savua believes that ultimately it will contain the prescription that the military wants subsequent governments to follow.

Fiji's army commander Commodore, Frank Bainimarama, has often emphasized that the charter will be the exit strategy for the military after it overthrew the Laisenia Qarase Government in 2006.