15 Apr 2008

Samoa broadcaster sale yet to be finalised

3:29 pm on 15 April 2008

The Samoa government says it will open the public broadcaster for fresh tenders if the company that won the initial bid, Samoa Quality Broadcasting, fails to pay the 1.5 million US dollars to seal the purchase.

The chief executive officer for the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Auseuga'efa Va'asatia, has also confirmed the government has decided not to include the public radio station 2AP in the sale.

The bid was for the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation's television and an FM radio station.

The Minister of Finance, Niko Lee Hang, has confirmed that negotiations are continuing which also relate to redundancies for employees.

According to the minister, the government wants to keep Radio 2AP which is to operate on the AM band for the public information service especially in times of disaster such as cyclones.