15 May 2008

Cultism spreading to kids, says PNG Minister

3:24 pm on 15 May 2008

Papua New Guinea's acting Education Minister Tony Aimo says cult activities are now being practised by students in primary and elementary schools.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that cultism has resulted in a recent increase in student violence in schools throughout PNG.

Mr Aimo says cultism is now continuously practised under generation names passed from student to student.

He agrees with MP Feraro Orimyo who says the existence of cults and student violence in schools is a major concern.

Mr Orimyo asked Mr Aimo what the Ministry is doing to solve the cult and student violence problems.

Mr Aimo says the Education Department is dealing with the problems and is going to conduct public forums and workshops to help shape policy to appropriately deal with this issue.

A public forum on the issue involving department heads and officers, parents, and NGOs is to be held next Monday.