15 May 2008

Solomons Womens NGO welcomes Australian aid budget allocation

7:12 pm on 15 May 2008

The Solomon Islands NGO, Women in Leadership, has welcomed Australia's commitment to address climate change adaption needs in the region in its aid budget.

Australia's Annual Aid budget was released this week, with an overall increase in aid for the Pacific region by 75 million US dollars from last year.

The total aid spending for the region will be US$570 million in 2008-09.

The new aid budget's climate change adaptation needs allocation to the region will be 139 million US dollars.

The women in leadership head, Sarah Dyer, says that money is sorely needed.

"It's very important, because Solomon Islands, we have a lot of small islands and a lot of these islands are now seeing drastic changes in the rise of sea levels and it's very scary especially for the outer islands."

Other areas where aid will be distributed include infrastructure, health and education.