24 Jul 2008

Food prices reach new highs in American Samoa

9:49 am on 24 July 2008

Increases in food prices in American Samoa have reached new highs rising twelve point six per cent in the last year.

Driving up the cost of living were increases in housing costs, driven mainly by electricity prices.

These went up 5% for the latest quarter and almost 15% for the year.

The cost of alcoholic beverages also jumped 5%.

And while motorists felt the pinch of higher gasoline prices , the CPI measured only a 1.5% increase in the transportation group.

This is because the second quarter survey was based on prices in mid May when gasoline did not cost as much as it does now.

There were slight increases in the cost of clothing, medical care, recreation, education and communication.

The rate of inflation was pegged at 8.6%.

Overall the cost of goods and services went up almost 9 percent for the year .