30 Jul 2008

Escaped Fiji prisoner still on life support after controversial recapture

1:52 pm on 30 July 2008

Fiji's Colonial War Memorial Hospital says an escaped prisoner, who was injured while being re-captured, is still in a critical condition.

The hospital's general manager, Dr Eloni Tora, says Jo Baleiloa underwent surgery when he was brought in last Thursday and is still on life support.

Baleiloa's father, Nimilote Baleiloa, told the Fiji Times his son has four cuts on his head, all his fingers have been broken and his legs are broken.

A police spokeswoman, Ema Mua, has said police are waiting for Baleiloa to regain consciousness so that he can be questioned on the events that led to his hospitalisation.

Baleiloa, who escaped from Naboro Medium Prison two weeks ago, was recaptured by police and prison guards.

Police earlier claimed he was armed with a kitchen knife at the time of his recapture.