19 Aug 2008

CNMI's Fitial opens up in video statement

10:44 am on 19 August 2008

The CNMI Governor, Benigno R. Fitial, has released a video statement, talking for the first time about the indictment of Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Villagomez.

Timothy Villagomez is charged, along with two others, with conspiring to defraud the CNMI government out of thousands of dollars through business deals involving needless chemical purchases for CUC.

In the video, Mr Fitial describes the the indictment of Villagomez and his co-defendants, as a great personal disappointment.

He says he has great sympathy for the families of all those involved.

The chief executive expressed respect for the efforts of the federal law enforcement officials involved in the investigation of the case.

Mr fitial says he looks forward to a speedy resolution of the matter in court.