21 Aug 2008

Exhibition opens in Wellington of work of Samoan-born designer Churchward

1:44 pm on 21 August 2008

An exhibition about the work of a Samoan-born graphic designer, Joseph Churchward, has been launched at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington.

Mr Churchward's almost 600 hand-made fonts are used the world over and include opticians' eye charts.

The exhibition features pencil sketches, print negatives, photographs and newspaper clippings and gives an unique insight in the life and artistry of this craftsman.

Mr Churchward says he's humbled about the recognition.

"It's wonderful, wonderful and I feel so proud. I'm more proud now than I was before. It's pushed my pride. It's wonderful and I'm very pleased with everybody that's helping this."

Joseph Churchward says he has worked seven days a week all his life and many fonts took about three hundred hours to develop.