8 Sep 2008

Schooling mostly back to normal in Northern Marianas despite power worries

7:45 pm on 8 September 2008

The public school system in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas is now mostly back to normal despite ongoing power cuts in Saipan.

Public schools launched a new academic year today, after a month's delay following concerns over the reliability of power services.

A Public Schools System Commissioner, Rita Sablan says the majority of schools are operating as planned, with only two schools she visited on the first day affected by the power outages.

She says generators have been installed to cope with the problem.

"We have backup generators that will allow the schools to pump water to the bathrooms and the cafeteria so that we won't have to call off classes just in case there's no water available from the city. But so far everything is going well with the students."

Rita Sablan says it's possible for schools continue operating despite the power cuts because they get enough natural sunlight and ventilation in the classrooms.