26 Sep 2008

Booklets printed in Samoan and Tongan for Pacific deaf

10:05 am on 26 September 2008

Pacific children with hearing impairment and their families are being targetted with new information in Samoan and Tongan to help get the most from a child's hearing aid.

The information booklet Au Meafaalogo and Ko Ho'o Me'a-Fanongo which took two years to complete was developed and launched by the Oticon Foundation in New Zealand as part of Deaf Awareness week.

Secretary to the Trustees of the Oticon Foundation, Karen Pullar says it's information everyone can enjoy

"The nice thing about the booklet is they're little story books so the children can read them in the evenings with their parents or with their grandparents and there will be plenty of older Pacific Island peoples that also have hearing impairement so it will reach out to them we hope."

Karen Pullar says the Foundation is also working with the government on a new initiative where all newborns will be screened for deafness within hours of birth.