29 Sep 2008

Goro and opponents reach agreement on New Caledonia nickel plant pipeline

4:21 pm on 29 September 2008

The Goro Nickel company in New Caledonia has signed a landmark agreement with the Kanak population and the activist group, Rheebu Nuu.

The group had wanted a halt to the construction of Goro's multi-billion dollar nickel plant, saying a waste disposal pipe would contaminate a lagoon.

The construction of the pipe has been on hold since February.

Claudine Wery reports from Noumea.

"This pact has three main points: The creation of a foundation to develop large-scale sustainable development actions in various areas, like environment, education, training and social and cultural activities. The creation of a customary committee on environment. This will be from people coming from the local tribes to monitor the impact of the plant on the nature. And the last point relates to several measures for the protection of the environment, such as re-afforestation."

Claudine Wery reporting from Noumea.