20 Nov 2008

Call for investigation into America Samoan election

4:35 pm on 20 November 2008

There's been a call for an investigation into American Samoa's gubernatorial run-off election, following the victory of the incumbents, Togiola Tulafono and Faoa Ipulasi Sunia.

The governor and his lieutenant garnered about a thousand more votes than the challengers, Utu Abe Malae and Nua Mailo Saoluaga, in yesterday's contest.

The governor, who begins his second term in office in January, told his supporters last night that they had voted to continue a good, honest and loving government that treats everyone equally.

But a local commentator, Dale Long, says he's expecting a federal enquiry into the way the run-off election was conducted.

"How they went about winning this election I'm not sure. You know, there's always been pay-offs and things like that; promotions and promises of jobs and that kind of stuff that goes on and I think a lot of that went on this time because, like I said earlier, 60 percent of the people the first time around two weeks ago voted aginst this government. So something happened."

Dale Long of American Samoa.