4 Dec 2008

Hawai'i plans electric car network

2:38 pm on 4 December 2008

Hawai'i has unveiled its plans to start an electric car network in the U.S state as part of its Clean Energy Initiative.

The Governor of Hawaii and the Better Place company launched the proposal yesterday.

The company will begin setting up infrastructure for the network within the next year, gather investor support and begin introducing vehicles to Hawaii within 18 months, with planned mass-market availability of the electric cars in 2012.

The CEO of Better Place, Shai Agassi, says one of the company's aims is to end the world's addiction to oil and ensure a cleaner and greener world.

"We've been following the Governor's leadership with the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative and we applaud their decision to reach 70% renewable energy by 2030. We think that we can actually can help you reach those goals faster as the critical part of any renewable energy strategy depends on storage on the grid and there's nothing better than electric cars."

The company says the move will help promote Hawai'i's drive to lead the nation in renewable energy use, create local jobs and ensure energy security.