19 Dec 2008

Squatter settlement in PNG's capital leveled

9:56 am on 19 December 2008

A notorious squatter settlement in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby has been leveled with more than 50 shacks knocked down, burnt or chopped down.

The Tete settlement in Gerehu was linked to the murder of prominent businessman, Sir George Constantinou.

The paper, the Post Courier, says the Metropolitan Superintendent, Fred Yakasa, briefed the 60-plus police from all units in the city about the demolition orders before entering the settlement.

The paper says bewildered women and children could only stand in a state of despair and hopelessness as they watched thick black smoke curl skywards from what used to be their "homes".

But Mr Yakasa says people were given enough notice.

The Baruni dump and any Goilala settlements between the Tete and Baruni area will also be knocked down according to police task force members.