30 Dec 2008

Clean up efforts in Marshall Islands continues

11:40 am on 30 December 2008

The clean-up effort in the Marshall Islands following this month's devastating tidal surges has so far seen the removal of over 200 tonnes of debris strewn across the communities of the capital Majuro.

A state of emergency has been declared in the country in the wake of this month's flooding that displaced at least 600 islanders and damaged dozens of homes in the two urban centres.

High waves caused by storm surges that coincided with high tides over three separate days saw many homes destroyed and at least 600 people displaced.

The Chief secretary to the government, Casten Nemra, says they are distributing basic food items to those displaced.

"But what we're more concerned about really is now the after-effect particularly on the food crops with the intrusion of salt water and with the dry months approaching very soon. That's where we are and the cleaning up efforts continue. There remains a lot of debris spread over the islands - mainly in the capital Majuro."

Casten Nemra.