13 Jan 2009

French Polynesia budget conditional on set of demands

3:58 pm on 13 January 2009

French Polynesia's sole uncommitted assembly member, Sandra Levy-Agami, says she will only support the 2009 budget if the government approves her amendments.

She quit the To Tatou Aia coalition last month, thereby depriving the Gaston Tong Sang-led government of its one-vote majority in the 57-member assembly.

The budget failed to be passed by the end of December as planned, and should it fail to be adopted by the end of March, the territory's finances would be run by the French high commissioner.

Mrs Levy-Agami has told RFO radio that, among others, genealogical issues have to be overcome to solve the land question which is linked to housing problems.

She also says there has to be help for businesses at risk and support for the young, for her to endorse the budget.