19 Feb 2009

Solomon Islands educators to provide tourism training from next week

12:46 pm on 19 February 2009

More than 800-thousand US-dollars is to be spent on establishing a School of Tourism and Hospitality in Solomon Islands in order to provide more skilled workers for the industry.

The head of the School of Finance at the country's College of Higher Education, William Matapaza says the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is trying to secure the funds for the project.

He says the Ministry will use the funds to build the new School and run the hospitality and tourism programme.

In the meantime, Mr Matapaza says the School of Finance will accommodate the first 30 students enrolled in the Tourism and Hospitality certificate course from next Monday.

"We will deliver basic introduction courses including; eco-tourism, introduction to tourism, event management. And then some of them will be taking a simple accounting, communication that's to do with the English language. They will not need facilities like for hospitality programmes. That will be reserved until the new school is put up."

William Matapaza says there's demand from the tourism industry for trained personnel.