28 Feb 2009

Concerns raised over mine cyanide leak allegations in Solomon Islands

12:11 pm on 28 February 2009

Concerns have been raised over the veracity of allegations that a Solomon Islands' gold mine is leaking cyanide.

Former workers who are members of the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers made the claims in a recent press conference in Honiara.

These accusations are among numerous setbacks the Australian Solomon's Gold company has experienced since reviving its operations in the country in 2007.

But our correspondent in Solomon Islands, Dorothy Wickham, says the claims must be thoroughly investigated.

"Goldridge mine has had a reputation for disposing of its waste is and has been one of the best so far in the Pacific so it's really going to take a lot of serious looking into to make sure that these people aren't just making baseless allegations because it's one of those stories that you've really got to find the truth in between the two sides."

Dorothy Wickham says the company announced in a press conference this week that cyanide leaks are unlikely as the mine is not expected to begin production until 2011.