16 Apr 2009

Vodafone Fiji quells false rumours of interuptions to services

10:51 am on 16 April 2009

Vodafone Fiji is reassuring customers it continues to provide all its mobile and internet services as normal, despite rumours of restrictions enforced by the interim government.

The company says the current political situation in the country has not affected Vodafone and says it is business as usual.

Vodafone's Manager of Corporate Affairs Shailendra Prasad says the company denies any interference by the interim government, police or any other party to restrict phone or internet services.

"We will continue to deliver mobile communication services to all our customers without interference. And obviously we have a proven track record and the customers know that quite well that Vodafone has provided the most reliable communications in the last 14 years and we will continue to do so."

Shailendra Prasad is warning customers to be wary of rumours being spread through a number of blog sites.