27 May 2009

Fiji lawyers caught between rock and a hard place after decree, says Fa

9:26 pm on 27 May 2009

A lawyer for Fiji's ousted Prime Minister says most lawyers will have little choice but to apply for practising certificates under a new presidential decree.

Under the Legal Practitioners Decree, the issuing of practicing certificates will be transferred from the Fiji Law Society to the Chief Registrar.

All lawyers will have to apply for new certificates in just over two week's time if they wish to continue to practice law.

Tevita Fa, a lawyer for Laisenia Qarase, says he thinks most lawyers will apply

"Most of us have no alternative. We have families to look after and this is the only job we know, being a solicitor. There is no alternative unless people have alternative jobs they can move to temporarily while these people are around."

Tevita Fa says he is concerned he may not be granted a certificate because he has been outspoken about some of the actions of the interim government.