10 Jun 2009

Fiji Media Council says journalists frustrated by emergency extension

4:45 pm on 10 June 2009

The chair of Fiji's Media Council says journalists are frustrated by the public emergency regulations which have been extended for another month.

The regulations, which were imposed on April the 10th, have resulted in tight censorship of the media and the detention of journalists whose stories cast the regime in a negative light.

The Media Council chair, Daryl Tarte, says journalists would like to do be able to report what is really going on in Fiji.

But he says they are afraid they might print or broadcast something that is not acceptable.

"The restrictions are so tight that they cannot print their personal views or the views or the views of the public who have concerns because it is simply too difficult for them to get those views published. They would face the prospect of being taken in for questioning by the regime if they did."

Daryl Tarte says he believes all media organisations are complying with the emergency regulations.