19 Aug 2009

Samoa jailbreakers ask for legal help

3:47 pm on 19 August 2009

The inmates who broke out of Samoa's Tafaigata prison last May have asked the Court for legal assistance.

The 42 inmates staged the break out to voice their dissatisfaction over the way they were being treated at the prison and were planning to complain directly to the Prime Minister.

But police intercepted the bus they had taken.

Most of the inmates have pleaded guilty to the charges against them and have also given their reasons for escaping.

The Talamua online news service says Judge Tauiliili Harry Schuster told the inmates that escaping was not the proper way to make their point, and that while imprisoned, they are required to stay there.

The judge told the prisoners he will ask the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration if it will cover their legal costs, but he says he doubts such a request will be accepted.