4 Sep 2009

Samoan ship being checked for damage after it ran aground in Apia

2:05 pm on 4 September 2009

Samoa's container vessel, Forum Samoa Two, is being checked for damage after it was successfully refloated following a grounding on a coral reef at the entrance of Apia Harbour last Sunday.

It was eased off the rocks by tug boats this morning.

The Chief Executive Officer for the Samoa Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure Vaaelua Nofo says there have been no reports of serious damage but checks are being done.

"When it was pulled off it was towed towards deep waters and the engine's now been fixed. It is still doing some sea trials outside the harbour and once everything is okay, checks have been done, there's no leakage, no oil or spillage, then it should be able to be brought back to the wharf."

Vaaelua Nofo says the Ministry has now set a team to carry out an investigation into cause of the incident.