12 Oct 2009

US hails 14 arrests as breakthrough in CNMI drugs fight

3:10 pm on 12 October 2009

The United States attorney for the CNMI and Guam, Leonardo Rapadas, says 14 people arrested in the past month represent the backbone of the illicit drug and gun trade in the territory.

Federal law enforcement agencies made the arrests in Saipan in a month as part of the campaign against drugs and guns.

Our corespondent, Mark Rabago says the series of arrests arose from the 18-month-long investigations conducted by the Organised Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force.

"The 14 arrests actually included one basketball player who was supposed to play for the national team 2 years back. The 14 arrests are very significant, at least, Mr Rapadas is saying that this represents the backbone of the illicit gun trade and gun trafficking here in the CNMI, so this is a welcome development."

Mark Rabago says the arrests were related to methamphetamine, or ice, which is the drug causing the most serious problems in the CNMI.