15 Oct 2009

Solomons push to curb business grip on politicians

6:55 pm on 15 October 2009

Leaders in the Solomon Islands province of Malaita have spoken out strongly about the need to ensure business operators cannot manipulate politicians.

Several leaders, among them the Malaita Premier, Richard Irosaea Na'amo, spoke at this week's consultations on the Political Parties Integrity Bill in Auki, saying it's necessary to address weak governance.

They say they support the bill and want to ensure businesses are prevented from manipulating politicians for their own benefits.

Meanwhile, some have expressed disappointment at the limited time government has given for detailed scrutiny of the legislation.

A former premier David Oeta says people in rural areas should be given the opportunity to participate in the consultation process.

He says the government needs a proper awareness programme that covers all communities across the country.