24 Nov 2009

Lack of resources hampers America Samoa drug fight

3:22 pm on 24 November 2009

The American Samoa Department of Homeland Security says the territory lacks resources to combat a major, ongoing problem with methamphetamine.

The comments follow the former Assistant Attorney General Lisa Teesch-Maguire's views that there's a methamphetamine problem, that generally results in violent crime.

She has warned that is needs to be stopped before it gets out of control.

The Director Mike Sala says the drug is the most popular in the territory and many people have become addicted.

He says it's creating family problems, including domestic violence and fuelling crime such as burglaries.

"I think because of a lack of resources, manpower resources and other resources that kind of prohibit it from very successful detection and prosecutions of the people responsible for these activities."

Mike Sala from the American Samoa Department of Homeland Security.