25 Nov 2009

Man likely to be paralysed from injuries in CNMI shooting rampage

9:47 pm on 25 November 2009

Police in the Northern Marianas say a 39 year old Korean man is probably paralysed due to last week's shooting rampage, while a 4 year old local girl is recovering well.

42 year old, Zhong Ren Li shot and killed four local people at a shooting range and then shot at Korean tourists, injuring 8, before killing himself.

The police believe money issues and emotional frustration were reasons for the attack.

A spokesperson for the police, Jason Tarkong has an update on the progress of the 39 year old man and four year old girl who'd been hospitalised with critical injuries.

"He has been listed in critical condition but the last information that we got was his spine was serverely damaged as a result of the gunshot wound and he maybe paralysed from the waist down, (while) the four year old girl is recovering well and expected to be discharged from the hospital later on this week."

A police spokesperson, Jason Tarkong.