30 Jul 2010

Solomons' political reformer expects less horse trading this election

1:52 pm on 30 July 2010

A proponent of political reform in Solomon Islands says he's positive that political leaders will behave responsibly during the post-election negotiations, despite the failure of the last parliament to endorse reform.

The last government failed to pass legislation aimed at strengthening political parties, as well as preventing party hopping and horse trading after elections.

But John Keniapisia, who chaired government committees which worked on the reforms, says despite their failure the widespread public support for reform has influenced the behaviour of political leaders.

"As an indication to that kind of realisation the party's in the coalition have made a firm agreement that when the results come about and when they come back they will regroup together very quickly, not allowing one single space for the kind of behaviour of horse trading and running from hotel to hotel and this kind of behaviours."

John Keniapisia says parties to that agreement are the Democratic Party, of which he is secretary, the Prime Minister's Liberal Party, the People's Congress Party and the National Party.