29 Mar 2011

Fiji restates 2014 election commitment

7:05 pm on 29 March 2011

The Fiji interim government has restated that it is committed to organising elections in 2014.

The acting interim prime minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, has issued a statement after New Zealand signalled an easing of travel restrictions if Suva assured that free and elections would go ahead.

Fiji has reneged on a promise to hold election in 2009 - three years after military coup.

Ratu Inoke says these things cannot be achieved overnight, and the government has set the time to 2014.

He says New Zealand just doesn't want to recognise nor understand that Fiji needs to give its people a fair and just election system that makes up the multiracial country of Fiji.

Ratu Inoke says New Zealand has some real issues to address first before it can, as he put it, make such a swipe at Fiji and question the commitment towards elections in 2014.