2 Aug 2011

Four die in latest violence in Indonesia's Papua

10:55 am on 2 August 2011

At least 22 people have been killed in separate outbreaks of political violence in Indonesia's Papua province in the past three days.

Police say four people, including one soldier, were killed in a predawn ambush outside the provincial capital, Jayapura, on Monday morning.

The attack came just hours after the police had managed to quell two days of interclan rioting that killed 18 people in the province's central highlands.

More than 10 men armed with knives and guns blocked a road in the village of Nafri outside Jayapura and attacked cars on the eve of large protests planned for today to demand independence from Indonesia.

Police say that attack is not thought to be unconnected to earlier fighting in the mountainous district of Puncak where clan members supporting rival candidates for district chief had clashed.