23 Dec 2011

Cook Islands editor says all PINA members will cut ties

4:08 pm on 23 December 2011

The Secretary/Treasurer of the Pasifika Media Association says all members of the Pacific Islands News Association will eventually withdraw from it.

John Woods' comments follow the Journalists Association of Samoa's decision to cut ties with PINA, saying it is no longer securing media freedom in the region.

Mr Woods, who is also Editor of Cook Islands News, says the decision is a good thing.

"It's inevitable that members of PINA will fall away. PINA has fundamental problems to do with its compromising position with the Fiji military regime and in due course, all membership will fall away, except of course I guess those that support the regime and the concept of censorship."

John Woods says the Pasifika Media Association is now hoping the Journalists Association of Samoa will decide to join it.