7 Jun 2012

Fiji Taxi Association chief resigns over sexual harassment quip

7:33 pm on 7 June 2012

The general secretary of the Fiji Taxi Association has resigned following the outcry over his suggestion that taxi drivers won't harass women if they don't wear revealing clothing.

Rishi Ram decided to step down from the union on Sunday following a month's leave of absence after suggesting in March that if women stop wearing short skirts, taxi drivers won't sexually harass them.

He says he believes resigning as general secretary is the best decision for the future of the union.

"It was not liked by most of the people, even our president and our taxi union members. So I thought as a union leader I thought it was putting up the closing measures to our travelling public to wear decent clothes. But because it was not liked by our members so I thought it was wise for me to just step down, step aside."

Rishi Ram has been a member of the Fiji Taxi Association for 17 years, serving as treasurer for two years and the last 14 years as general secretary.

He says he will continue operating his taxi business and service station in Suva.