2 Jul 2012

Datt plans standing in 2014 Fiji election

1:11 pm on 2 July 2012

A former government minister and a founding member of the Fiji Labour Party, Krishna Datt, has announced his intention to run in the 2014 general election, either in a new political party or as part of an existing one.

Mr Datt was first elected to parliament in 1987 and was the Minister for Labour in 2006 when the government was deposed by the military coup.

He claims to have a broad, multi-racial support base including activists and academics, but says he won't define a political vehicle until a new constitution has been formulated.

"All political parties may be de-registered altogether. So that's one impediment. The second is that in the new constitution and in the regulations that will follow I'm anticipating some fundamental changes to the kinds of political parties that we've had here in the past and I think I'd like to see all this thing a little bit clearer."

Krishna Datt says he would like to see a coalition of political parties running Fiji, although he says he would have difficulty working with the leader of the Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry .