19 Jul 2012

Bird Life group dismayed at Solomons role in smuggling

1:30 pm on 19 July 2012

Bird Life International says it's a huge disappointment to hear reports of bird smuggling and laundering in Solomon Islands.

A wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC, released a report that states more than 54,000 wild birds declared as captive-bred were exported from Solomon Islands between 2000 and 2010.

However, TRAFFIC says there are no captive breeding facilities in the country.

It says most of the birds come illegally from Indonesia and the rest are wild birds from Solomon Islands.

The Pacific regional director for Bird Life International, Don Stewart, says Solomon Islands birdlife and biodiversity is already under attack from logging.

"The Solomon Islands has a very large logging operation going on which are decreasing the habitat for their endemic bird species, and it's quite a concern that not only do they not seem to be concerned about this, but obviously somebody is making a lot of money out of it."

Don Stewart says bird smuggling and laundering in Solomon Islands is not something that he was aware of before the report.