2 Aug 2012

Marshalls to push for more funds from US

10:31 am on 2 August 2012

The Marshall Islands will be pushing to get United States government support on key funding issues at an annual US grant funding consultation later this month.

Acting President Phillip Muller says the Marshall Islands government is aggressively pursuing several initiatives related to United States funding that will launch urgently needed developments on Ebeye Island.

In 2010, a US Army Corps of Engineers study reported that nearly all infrastructure on Ebeye - which houses about 11,000 Marshall Islanders - did not function or was deteriorating, including the sewage system that spews raw waste into the lagoon near the island.

Mr Muller says the government is asking the US government to authorize funding so that it can engage in large-scale or multiple projects on Ebeye Island at the same time.

He says it will also help stabilize the government's financial situation in the post-2023 period when US grant funding is scheduled to end.