6 Aug 2012

Solomons' new woman MP Lusibaea to fulfil husband's vision

1:01 pm on 6 August 2012

The new Solomon Islands woman member of parliament, Vika Lusibaea, will continue to advance the vision her husband had for his people.

Mrs Lusibaea is the wife of the former MP and Malaita Eagle Force militia leader, Jimmy Lusibaea, who lost the North Malaita seat last year following an unlawful wounding conviction.

Mr Lusibaea told the Solomon Star newspaper that his wife would continue with the same programme his team was establishing to help North Malaitans but gave no details.

Mrs Lusibaea achieved a landslide victory over her nine male rivals in last week's by-election, receiving almost 3,000 votes - nearly 2,000 more than the runner-up, Frank Kwainarara.

She is only the second woman to be elected to parliament and the current parliament's sole woman representative.