2 Oct 2012

Vanuatu's Women Against Crime group says government must take action over police unrest

3:05 pm on 2 October 2012

The chairperson of Vanuatu's Women Against Crime and Corruption group says the government is not handling the fall-out in the top ranks of the police force well.

Three senior police officials, including the acting Commissioner Arthur Caulton, have been arrested and charged with inciting mutiny.

The arrests were ordered by the Police Commissioner, Joshua Bong, just days before the scheduled expiry of his contract.

The Police Service Commission says it has reinstated Mr Bong.

But the caretaker Internal Affairs Minister says Major Caulton remains the Commissioner.

Jenny Ligo, who is also an independent parliamentary candidate for Port Vila, says the minister needs to make it clear who is leading the police.

"To me I'm thinking that something is not right with the government treating people like this. If Joshua Bong's job is finished, they should really treat him well and finish him off well and advertise the position."


Jenny Ligo says if the Government doesn't make it clear the unrest in the police force will continue.