10 Oct 2012

Solomons police extend search for two escaped prisoners

6:27 pm on 10 October 2012

The police in Solomon Islands have extended their search for two convicted murderers who escaped from Rove prison to the outskirts of Honiara.

The police are asking the public for assistance in capturing the men, who escaped last week, but are warning people not to approach them as they are considered dangerous.

Our correspondent, Dorothy Wickham, says the men are former militants, so it's assumed that if there are arms available to them, they will be armed.

She says the police are also trying to find those who helped their escape.

"They definitely were helped, because when they ran away from prison, there was a cab waiting for them and there was another person who eye-witnesses at the scene said they spotted him waiting for them on the other side of the ditch from the prison, so they were definitely helped from the outside. There were also rumours that some of these inmates have access to mobile phones in the prison without authorities being aware of it, so I think this escape was arranged before they left."

Dorothy Wickham says the men are originally from the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal, where there are very limited police resources.

She says some think the Weathercoast is where the prisoners have headed.