16 Oct 2012

CNMI House member says Governor's power deal disturbing

11:20 am on 16 October 2012

A Northern Marianas member of the House of Representatives Janet Maratita will meet with the Office of Public Auditor today to discuss what she describes as a very disturbing deal between Govenor and the company Eco Island Development LLC.

An agreement that Governor Beinigo Fitial and the Department of Public Lands signed with Eco Island Development last week involves a profit sharing arrangement through which the CNMI government will get a 20 megawatt solar power plant on Saipan.

In return, the CNMI government will provide the company with 49,000 square metres of public land without charge until the decentralised, renewable energy programme becomes profitable.

In a letter to the Public Auditor Mike Pai, Janet Maratita expressed concerns that the Governor executed the agreement instead of the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation.

She adds the secretary of Public Lands is not sufficient enough to lease or give away land through such an agreement.